AUTOOL BT-BOX Automotive Battery Analyzer Support Android/iOS

AUTOOL BT-BOX Automotive Battery Analyzer Support Android/iOS

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AUTOOL BT BOX is Powerful Android/iOS Automotive Battery Analyzer, works on Android & iOS phone and tablet.

Autool BT-Box Automotive Battery Analyzer-1
Autool BT-Box Automotive Battery Analyzer-2

BT-BOX Battery Tester adopts currently the world's most advanced conductance testing technology to help maintenance personnel find the problem quickly and accurately, thus to achieve quick vehicle repair.

BT-BOX Battery Tester functions:

Measure the actual cold cranking amps capability of the vehicle starting battery
Check healthy state of the battery itself, and common fault of the vehicle starting system and charging system

AUTOOL BT-BOX Battery Tester Features:

1. Test all automotive cranking lead acid batteries, including ordinary lead acid battery, AGM flat plate battery, AGM spiral battery, and Gel battery, etc.
2. Directly detect bad cell battery.
3. Reverse polarity connection protection, reverse connection will not damage the tester or affect the vehicle and battery.
4. Directly test the battery with loss of electricity, no need to full charge before testing.
5. Testing standards include currently the world's majority of battery standards, CCA, JIS, DIN, IEC, EN, SAE, GB.
6. Support multi-languages If you need such as Chinese or Japanese for example, Please contact us to customize the language.

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Autool BT-Box Automotive Battery Analyzer-4
Autool BT-Box Automotive Battery Analyzer-5
Autool BT-Box Automotive Battery Analyzer-6
Autool BT-Box Automotive Battery Analyzer-7
Autool BT-Box Automotive Battery Analyzer-8
Autool BT-Box Automotive Battery Analyzer-9

1. Main functions of BT-BOX battery tester include: battery test, cranking test, charging test and other additional functions.
2. Additional functions include: Set language, voltmeter and screen brightness adjustment.

Package List:

1pc x AUTOOL BT BOX Automotive Battery Analyzer for Android/iOS


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